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Our system of information on the website of halongcruise.biz will certainly make tourists satisfied. The website offers the following main types of information including beautiful landscapes, cuisine, Halong cruise, hotels and resorts. Each part provides tourists with important tips for their trip. For example, in Halong, tourists can taste quite a few delicious seafood such as noodles fried with “ngán”, Halong prawn, Halong oysters and so on. Moreover, there are different kinds of cruises like Royal Palace cruise, Imperial junk Halong, Oriental Sails and so on.

Halong cruise

Emotion Cruise

One of the best ways to discover the natural beauty of the bay is onboard Halong Emotion, designed to give you the best service you could possibly wish for.
Image Halong Cruise

Offering a luxurious cruise experience in Halong bay, our 5-boats fleet Image Halong Cruise will take you for a tremendous discovery, offering the best...