Pelican Cruise

Pelican Cruise
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Starting to operate in early 2012, with the newest of the line sailing in the beginning of 2013, 3 junks on Pelican Cruise fleet create a new sense of luxury for cruise trip at the charming Halong Bay. The cruises were constructed and designed with a style that was a combination of classic and modern wooden architecture. Entering the cruise makes passengers feel comfortable and cozy, and also a little superior sense.

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In a corner of Pelican Cruise In a corner of Pelican Cruise

Amenities and Activities

Each cruise of Pelican fleet is able to provide accommodations for maximum 44 passengers with 22 cabins classifying into 20 Deluxe cabins and 2 Royal Suites. These cabins offer travelers experience of a 5-stars standard with modern amenities, including air-conditioners, private bathrooms and large window, as well as elegant design to create an atmosphere of relaxing and coziness, and also elegance. In each cabin, there are also safety box for valuable assets and a minibar for some romantic drinks at night for couples.

In a bedroom of Pelican Cruise In a bedroom of Pelican Cruise

Not only in the cabins are great, but also the other public area are either. Restaurant on Pelican Cruises might not have unique features in décor, but the food is delicious with diverse menu, particularly Vietnamese and local seafood. And if passengers desire to have a private place, grab some drinks and witness the breathtaking sceneries of Halong or chat with friends, the terrace bar is an ideal place. Other services onboard, delivered by well-trained staff, are also outstanding features of the cruises, such as dinner at Tien Cave (Fairy Cave) or the Tai Chi sessions every morning at 6.30AM.