Toan Thang hostel

Toan Thang hostel
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  • Address: SN 60 - Group 2 - Area 9, Cai Rong, Van Don
  • Phone: 0982984015 to 0973046009
  • Email: [email protected]
  • W:
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Toan Thang hostel is located near Cai Rong port which is just about 100m away from islands. Staying in Toan Thang hostel make it convenient for you to catch a boat to visit islands in vicinity. You also can access other tourist attractions with a few minutes walking.

Toan Thang hostel Toan Thang hostel

Service and amenities

Toan Thang hostel offers standard service and handy accommodations at affordable price that is suitable for modest budget.  It comprises 10 rooms in categories of single room and double rooms, each is equipped with modern facilities and large windows. From the room, you can enjoy watch panoramic scene of beautiful Van Don port.

Toan Thang hostel Toan Thang hostel

Imagine a bed with spotlessly white duvet and comfortable pillows, you will easily fall asleep after a long day dealing with adventure outside. High ceiling, elegantly furnished, safety deposit box,satellite TV, individually controlled air conditioning are all amenities you can experience when staying at Toan Thang hostel. Don’t have to pay so much to stay in a fancy accommodation. Toan Thang hostel is a perfect getaway for both leisure travelers and business man. Book your stay today to receive lots of incentives and promotions.